How to choose a photo booth company

Quality of photos10313886_152367018267146_7101754507098899271_o
First thing to do is to find their gallery and check out the quality of the photos… do they look bright and vivid with a clean backdrop… basically do they look like they have been taken by a professional photographer? A photo booth is basically a pop up photographic studio so really there is no acceptable reason for photos not to be fantastic!

Do they ensure the booth will work at your wedding or party?
How awful it would be if you booked a photo booth – the highlight of the evening (many say to us!) – and it broke down! Can you imagine?!
A photo booth company should supply backup cameras, backup printers, computers, flashes, lights, leads….! This is very expensive (basically double the cost!) so many companies do not offer this

Social Media (very important)fb
Facebook is far more important than the company website! Why? Well, everything you see on a website is there because the company want you to see it!!
Although a website may be very professional, this doesn’t necessarily indicate that the company is. However, since a facebook page is usually open to public postings you can see reviews which are
more likely to be genuine. Another useful tip is to scroll to the bottom of the facebook page to see when the first posts were made. This give you an indication of the company’s age and experience!
Read the reviews and again check out the photos! Do they look good? Are there loads of good reviews?

Will the company give you the service you deserve?
There are two main types of business – the small business where the owners run the booths and the larger businesses where staff are brought in! Where the booth attendant also owns the company, they
will generally want you to be ecstatic about the service you receive because this is their livelihood! Where this attendant is temporary staff, they may well be fine but of course the incentive is not the same!

Is it a real photo booth?201408241457-P1020072

There are two very different types of “booth” out there! One is a solid structure with a fully automated touch screen system and instant printers. The other option is usually cheaper and usually a photographer with a backdrop.
In our opinion the solid booth is better because:

The guests have the privacy to really let themselves go!
They instantly see the first photo which gives them a great laugh and because of this the next photos are amazing due to their high spirits and relaxed state!!
The photos are then instantly printed giving you and your guests great momentos of the evening
it is simply more fun!

Are there any hidden extras?
Does the photo booth company include these items in their packages or do they charge extra?
An extra print for you
Loads of great props (at least 50 items)
Instantly printed instantly dry lab quality prints
Video messaging

You worked hard for your money – don’t lose it!
There are new photo booth companies appearing daily! Some of these will will last the distance however some may not! So what can you do? Well, as well as checking the company is reputable and well established, you should also pay the deposit by credit card. At the time of posting this article, the rules are that if your deposit is at least £100, the credit card company is jointly liable for ALL MONEY you pay to the photo booth company, even if the subsequent payments are made by other methods. Good advice is to check for up to date rules on this.

Lastly, is the company adequately insured?
Many of your wedding venues will insist that any supplier has public liability insurance of at least £5m. If they don’t have this, they may not be allowed to setup at your venue so worth checking this out before you pay your deposit.

At Yellow Booth we pride ourselves in our business and particularly in the quality of service and photos that we provide. Good just isn’t good enough – we want you to be overjoyed with our photo booths and judging by the reviews we receive we seem to be on the right path!!

We are pleased to say you will receive the following benefits when you book with Yellow Booth:

  • High quality photos (see our galleries here)
  • Excellent service ( read our facebook reviews )
  • Back up camera, printer, lighting, flash, computer… right down to backup leads!
  • Over 50 great props
  • Fully insured up to £5m
  • Professional, courteous and fun service every time from our family run business!!
  • Free online gallery (password protected if required)
  • Special touches (like an extra bride & groom portrait at the front of your guest book which is beautifully presented with some additional tokens of our appreciation included!)