7th Year of fun with Photo Booths

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Introducing Mr & Mrs Davies!!

Last Saturday night we packed up the VW campervan photo booth and drove down to Plymouth for the lovely wedding reception of gorgeous couple Michael & Theresa Davies.

The venue was the Stoneyhouse Creek Leisure Centre – where there were really really nice friendly staff who went out of their way to help us settle in and get ourselves sorted.

Like a scene out of a comedy, there were 2 photobooths booked for that night and we’d only gone and put the booth up at the wrong wedding!! Moving like greased lightning and with the help of staff, we grabbed the booth and moved it sharpish!! Never seen an old VW campervan move so quick!!

From the moment the photo booth was switched on till the time it was switched off it was busy – as were all the wedding guests dressing up for their photos! The most popular fancy dress item on the night was the big champagne bottle…shame it wasn’t real.

Congratulations Michael & Theresa on your happy wedding day! It was really lovely to meet you both and all your family and friends. Hope you like all the pictures taken on the night.

To see them all at our online gallery (all of them!) pour yourselves a nice glass of wine and click here, ‘Michael & Theresa’ when you get there). Thank you for booking us for your big day! Hope to see you again! 🙂 Cazx