7th Year of fun with Photo Booths

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Harbour hotel st Ives

Last Friday night was one very humid night and was the wedding reception of lovely couple Donna & Mark from Chorley in Lancashire. They, along with loads and loads of guests travelled down to the Harbour Hotel St Ives in Cornwall – what a great bunch of people! We had a good laugh with them!

There were some pretty impressive pictures taken as the wedding guests explored more creative ways to have a picture taken. We’ve seen a few impressive poses in the past, such as the bridesmaid atop a man’s shoulders, some ‘is it a cleavage or is it a bottom?’ pics. But I don’t think we ever been more impressed than we were that night!!

Half a dozen big blokes, rounded up by the groom like a cowboy at a rodeo, squeezed tightly into the booth – in full suited attire!! It was a REALLY HOT NIGHT and it must have been raging inside the booth. But, would they be able to manoeuvre themselves into position for a reasonable picture? – the suspense was killing us – we could hear squelching and some considerable discomfort. Would they manage to get all their faces in the picture? Would they even manage to press the ‘start’ button??

The relief we all felt when after ages, the flash eventually went off and the first picture was taken.

The bride, her bridesmaids, an assortment of guests (and us!) all rushed over to the screen to see how they looked inside the booth… and what a picture it was too! They were even all SMILING! After 3 more shots, the boys staggered out of the booth – sweating profusely and distinctly dehydrated judging by the speed with which they made for the bar!!

There were other highlights on this memorable night – firstly when the huge beautiful tower of scones appeared beside great vats of jam and cream – a memory I will cherish & revisit often! Secondly, we loved our bride & groom’s first dance to Mister Bojangles by, I think, Robbie Williams. All jazz hands and twirls… I think Anton du Beke had better watch out for his job on Strictly Come Dancing! What a happy night! Congratulations Donna & Mark!