7th Year of fun with Photo Booths

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For the bride & groom who’d LOVE to HOST a Downton Abbey style wedding in grand surroundings but on a more intimate level, Huntsham Court puts the dream into reality.

If you would love the style and comfort of a a sprawling pile but prefer the cozy intimacy of a country house, then LOOK NO FURTHER than the inimitable Huntsham Court in Tiverton near Exeter in Devon.

Close to Exeter and only a 2 hour train ride from London, Huntsham is a large and very comfortable mansion house set in 5 acres of gardens. To top that, it is a magnificent Grade II listed building that dates back to the mid nineteenth century.

When you visit, you can’t help but imagine the many visitors to the house over the years and not to mention the lovely weddings that have taken place here too. The house has featured in a lot of people’s stories over the years – lords and ladies, grooms and brides, rock stars and the cast from Made in Chelsea. Could it be the setting for your wedding too?

Huntsham Court – Through the eyes of a visiting Photo booth company….

Our photo booths have been popular at Huntsham Court for several years and have returned to weddings on a number of occasions in all of the seasons and we have experienced those later atmospheric hours of our weddings. The bits of the day that can only be planned to some extent.

It’s like teaching a child to ride a bike, you can hold on to stop them falling but at some stage, you have to let them go. A party has a life of its own but with the right entertainment with the right people the party will be a success. šŸ™‚

We arrive when the party gets started and help to get all the guests in the mood for a good night with some fun in the photo booth and carry on up towards the chimes of midnight.

But the wedding that stands out in my mind is the year of a delicious winter wedding at Huntsham Court… there were tears and laughs and it went something like this….

“We (our company Yellowbooth) were due to turn on the photo booth at 7pm and so arrived at Huntsham at the usual one hour early time of 6pm.

There was a crisp frost on the ground when we arrived and we’d had snow fairly recently so the ground was white and made that crunchy noise. Arriving at the house we instantly felt Christmassy and in the mood for a glass of warm mulled wine!

There were big glowing L.O.V.E letters that greeted us on our arrival during that chilly dark evening. Well, L.O.V letters to be exact as the E had toppled over. Perhaps a wild bunny had knocked it. We popped it back up to look exactly as it should.

Then we opened the big wooden front door – to find as well as the lively party noises that welcomed us, the warmth of the house overcame us like a big cozy cuddle. Honestly we felt like we’d come home and I think that’s what we all want our guests to feel. Huntsham Court delivered that, well and truly on that winter’s evening in that particular new year! More about our experiences at Huntsham later on.”

But is the house big enough for your Wedding party?

Well, the house sleeps 92 with 40 lovely comfy rooms up for grabs for your guests.

Huntsham Court hire out the venue for a 2 day wedding which makes for ample time for everyone to settle in, catch up with each other and enjoy a wedding – before, during and after! Ideal.

I loved the fact that upon further investigationĀ that you can hire Huntsham Court ‘dry’ and bring in your own caterers as well as cater for the breakfast and main meal needs and drinks of your guests yourselves if you so wish. Alternatively, use their caterers.

The team at the venue are happy to assist you with the structuring of a 2 day event. Sometimes it’s tricky to know when to start but once you get started you can’t stop! Here’s the link to some very helpful planning hints here.

And most importantly, there is an incredible choice of where you would like your wedding ceremony to take place. Amidst the Jacobean panelling in the main hall, outside under a marquee or at the stunning All Saints Church a stiff walk away from the main house.Spoiled for choice so that you can have the perfect day to suit you both.

pic/ green screen with sepia for that TIMELESS quality to the photos

“Going back to this lovely winter wedding we took our black photo booth along to at Huntsham… as well as plenty of laughs – which we are used to, there were a lot of tears (which we are NOT used to!).

After the speeches, lots of guests headed over to us sobbing.

Not the reaction that we would hope to get when guests see us at the photo booth or Magic Mirror!

But we found out that the bride and groom were moving away to another country and their guests were absolutely devastated that they wouldn’t be able to see them so much.

Every wedding is so completely different and this particular one will always stay with me because we really felt the love in the room for the happily and newly married couple about to start their life together abroad. you couldn’t help but feel a bit sad too.

Now, a bit about our photo booths at Huntsham Court… our stylish black or white wedding photo booths have been the popular choice at Huntsham Court as with many local stylish events that we attend in Devon.

Our speciality is our indoor vw style booth with fabulous Green Screen Extreme but if preferred are also compatible to go plain but stylish with a white or black backdrop.

Brides, grooms and their guests often love nothing better than to crank up a notch their photo booth experience with choices of green screen backdrops. Look at the screen and Las Vegas will appear or a heart or a rustic brick wall and any second now will print out too!

We tailor our booths to suit all our events.

Our booths come in white wedding white (which looks amazing next to the wood panelling at Huntsham), midnight black, white, duck egg blue and lime green vintage vw camper style. We additionally offer a personalised guestbook and heart boards.

The preferred location for the photo booth or the Magic Mirror is to the right of the main entrance way (as in the photo – where the sofa is) to the side of the staircase. A perfect self contained space and separate area to the dancing room. šŸ™‚ Here people can find you very easily and nip in for a quick fun photo to add to your guest book.

If you would like to get married Downton Abbey style and are planning to have your wedding at Huntsham Court, we’d love you to consider inviting us along too.

We are a family company that has been running for over 6 years and we are a photo booth company that is local to the Huntsham Court/ Tiverton/ Exeter region.

To check our availability for our range of photo booth, magic mirrors and selfie wizards, please visit or call our team on 0800 7720325. We hope to speak to you soon.