7th Year of fun with Photo Booths

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Wasn’t it hot last night?!  We spent the evening at the Hayesfield School Prom at Green Park Brasserie in Bath bombing up and down about 3 flights of stairs.

Green park brasserie

Green Park Brasserie, Bath

Question! What do you get when you mix a room full of glammed up girls on their prom night with a photo booth? Madness! The props get thrown about all over the place with wild abandon and you’d better stand clear.

Despite the heat, the girls (and a small handful of boys) all glammed up for the evening had a really good night, beginning with the photo booth, sitting down for a lovely meal, listening to the speeches and ending with dancing and more photo booth. The photos were brilliant!

I had to laugh. The speeches were very entertaining, consisting of awards for girls demonstrating various attributes such as “award fo the best dressed”, “award for the most likely to go on the Jeremy Kyle show” and ” award for the person most like a gangster”.

By the end of the night the torture of the 4 inch heels revealed itself by a trail of used band aids down the stairs – looking good can be a pain as I recall in my distant memory! No plasters for me these days, I’m sticking to my flip flops!