7th Year of fun with Photo Booths

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As BIG fans of Downton Abbey, we couldn’t wait to see the movie! And WOW what a treat it was! We drank in the stunning introduction of steam trains and countryside vistas until we ended up back where we wanted to be, in the comfort of Downton Abbey.

Feasting our eyes on the big beautiful house situated in those generous grounds my mind leaped off (just for a moment or two) to some other beautiful houses that we have been lucky enough to take a photo booth along to in the South West. Many, in my mind that rival the splendor and Wow Factor of beautiful Downton Abbey (aka Highclere Castle)!

So what do we have in our region that offers glamour, statesmanship, grounds and history in other words a wedding venue to give Downton Abbey a run for its money?

Coombe Lodge, Blagdon, Bristol

Downton Abbey style wedding venue NUMBER 1! 

Ladies & gentlemen, brides & grooms, please allow me to introduce, the wonderfully stunning Coombe Lodge! (pictured above)

Situated in the north of Somerset, the country house from the nineteen twenties offers Olde World charm and character in its gorgeous 12 acres of scenic grounds. We LOVE to return here for a booking! Never fails to impress!

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Lewtrenchard Manor, Lewdown, in beautiful rural West Devon

Downton Abbey style wedding venue NUMBER 2! 

We are excited to introduce our next door neighbour, the wonderfully stunning Lewtrenchard Manor! (pictured above)

The 16th century family run Manor house offers everything you need for a wedding day to take it to another level! Fine dining, historic surroundings, it’s own grounds and many many ornate rooms.

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Huntsham Court in Tiverton, in the rural heart of mid Devon

Downton Abbey style wedding venue NUMBER 3!

A truly stunning wedding venue close to Exeter, intimate but MAGNIFICENT Grade II listed building – Huntsham Court.

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Our Downton Abbey style wedding venue Number 4 – Rockbeare Manor in Exeter

A gloriously beautiful place and LUXURIOUS enough to rival the great Downton Abbey as a house to host your wedding!

We LOVE Rockbeare Manor!

It’s white as the whitest of weddings! It is STUNNING in 100 acres of its own grounds and it is on our doorstep in our lovely county of Devon – we give you Rockbeare Manor!

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Our Downton Abbey style wedding venue number 5 is the magnificent Scorrier House in Redruth, Cornwall.

Step back in time 3 hundred years and enjoy the sumptuousness of Cornwall’s most romantic hideaway country house in its 400 acres of parkland. Close to Cornish gems such as Eden Project, Wheal Dream and the Minack Theatre – an ideal wedding location for wedding parties is here at the magnificent Scorrier House!

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Our Downton Abbey style wedding venue number 6 is the formidable St Audries Park 

For the last seven years Yellowbooth have been supplying photo booths to weddings up and down the south west. From Lands End in Cornwall all the way up to Tetbury in the Cotswolds. We have amounted quite a bit of inside info on the venues we’re mentioning here and are more than happy to share it with brides and grooms to be as they sail on their journey across the good sea Wedding Planning.

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One more contender for the title of “South West Wedding Venue in the style of Downton Abbey” is Hotel Endsleigh near Tavistock in Devon.

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