7th Year of fun with Photo Booths

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Our Magic Mirror LIGHTS UP many a dark corner!

This Christmas we are taking more and more bookings for our newest kid on the block, our Magic Mirror! But what is the Magic Mirror?

Like a traditional photo booth, the Magic Mirror essentially takes photos of party guests having a great time! Fancy dress is donned and full length photos are taken, so work on those poses!


You simply touch the mirror and pose away to your heart’s content!

There is a countdown… and the arrows point to where you need to look and FLASH! A pair of print outs immediately slide out of the printer and you have a lovely memento to pop on the fridge when you get home. 🙂


A lovely full length picture is taken every time the flash goes off!

The Magic Mirror is the latest thing in photo booth technology and is available for office parties, Christmas parties and all other type of party this year in and around Devon and the South West.

It will arrive with a stylish lit frame, stanchions (for essential crowd control 🙂 because when there’s a mirror about, you do tend to get a bit of a crowd!) and a wide range of fancy dress props. Magic Mirrors are the perfect choice for venues that are limited in size… and will take up a minimum of space in a chosen corner.


Our Magic Mirror photo booth is the PERFECT choice for fabulous entertainment in 2018/2019 … especially those office parties!

Our Hollywood styled Mirror booth is a popular addition to Exeter Christmas parties at venues like the Exeter Rougemont, Reed Hall, Exeter’s Sandy Park and more.

And it’s not just Exeter who get all the fun! 🙂 Our Mirror photo booth is a MUST HAVE for Christmas parties around the Plymouth area such as Boringdon Golf Club, The Guildhall, The Loft and many more.

Our Magic Mirror booths are also available for hire in Cornwall and Somerset! Please give us a call to check availability.

Please call us for our latest offers on 0800 7720325 (Freephone) .

Merry Christmas from Laurence & Caz and the Yellowbooth team.