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The latest open photo booth pods featuring boomerangs, animations, amazing filters with unlimited all day hire for your Devon & Cornwall parties!

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We offer the latest open photo booths featuring boomerangs, animations, amazing filters with unlimited all day hire for your Devon & Cornwall parties!

Open photo booths are if not the best, one of the best value for money forms of entertainment you can have at a party! They are a brilliant investment that reaps rewards in abundance!

Want an unforgettable party? Think about going ahead and booking a photo booth!

Everyone enjoys a ‘quick go’ in the photo booth – its HILARIOUS fun at a wedding reception and we all LOVE to take home our print outs to remember the great time we had! Open Air Photo Booth

A usual hire is for 3 hours sometimes 4 – enough time for all of your guests to have several ‘go’s’ and make the most of the opportunity presented by the wedding photo booth!

We at Yellowbooth have been delivering photo booths to weddings and parties for over 6 years now! And we’re still going strong with a range of photo booths to suit special occasions all over Devon and Cornwall!

Visit our website and decide which booth is your favourite. We have a Magic mirror, white and black oval booths, vw camper style booths and now our Open Air booths!

Is it safe to book a photo booth for our reception?

We get asked this from time to time. And yes, it is safe, with a few well considered measures in place.

As always, it is our priority to keep our users safe at the photo booth - especially during these times of covid-19. So we’ve made a few adjustments so that social distancing can be respected at all times in the same way as many other businesses.

Here at Yellowbooth, we treat your guests’ safety with the utmost of consideration and caution. With our tried and tested measures everyone can continue to have fun at the photo booth without worrying!

Our commitment to providing a clean and safe photo booth environment is paramount through some very simple and basic arrangements.

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Firstly, we will ensure that hand sanitizing gel is available at all times for your convenience.

Secondly, all Yellowbooth attendants will wear a face covering/mask. We are all getting used to seeing people wearing face coverings and so we feel confident your guests will appreciate they are being worn out of professional consideration for everyone’s safety.

As well as wearing a face covering your photo booth attendant will provide assistance from a safe distance for the duration of the hire.

Sorry! No to the photo bombing!

Should we observe behaviour such as previously favourite photo booth activities, we would have to discourage it. Ideally we do not want anynot ‘photo-bombing’ at the booth.

During this current time we want to make sure our users are safe and appreciate the onus is on the user to choose who to step into the booth with.

How do we make our fancy dress props safe?

We have given this a lot of thought.

Until further notice, we have decided the safest measure would be to remove the props. To be able to provide the safe environment we promise, we would need to thoroughly deep clean every prop after it had been touched and used by guests. This would be some undertaking which we couldn’t achieve with any effectiveness on site.

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More fun without props?

Yes! We believe this to be true!

The good news is that we have found that whilst our customers enjoy dressing up that when the props have not been available, that they were not actually missed!

There are plenty of other ways to have fun during your experience at the photo booth and your guests will have a great time inventing some cheeky alternatives!

Introducing our NEW social distancing Open Air pod booths – from Yellowbooth!

In two minds about whether you have room for a photo booth at your venue? Be in doubt no more and BOOK our super new slimline OPEN air photo both pod for your wedding or party! In the months to come, space inside venues will be in shorter in order for them to abide by social distancing regulations. There won’t be so much space available for regular photo booths but there is good news! Our new slimline space saving POD booth takes up hardly any space at all! It is ideal for events where the venue is small or short on space! Check out our exciting OPEN air pods on the website! We promise it will sit in any chosen corner, alcove or terrace taking up hardly any space at all! The pod is perfect for the smaller venues such as house parties, marquees and tipis and it doesn’t even need to be near a plug socket because unlike other booths, it doesn’t run off electricity.
READY TO BOOK? Check availability and reserve instantly!

It comes with some fab features too!

Equipped with some lovely features such as Boomerang, animated gifs and social media sharing, you can control what photo you want to take and where you want it to go. To top it all, our Open Air pods are the perfect photo booth to allow for social distancing! Several customers feel the slim Selfie Pods are the ideal alternative to the oval booth. And of course, like the Magic Mirror, there is no limit to the number of people you can get into a photo – all socially distanced too! Imagine this, all the fun of the photo booth with plenty of space around you! Your guests will LOVE it! Additional features include a printing station that can be set up for collection of personalised print outs. This is optional depending on whether you require this facility. The cherry on the cake is that your Pod can be personalised with your names and date of the event in a beautiful design. I nearly forgot to mention that you can SAVE MONEY on booking a pod INSTEAD of an oval booth or Magic Mirror AND have it available for the whole day too as a bonus! Your guests will have a field day! To see how much you can save please visit for details

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