7th Year of fun with Photo Booths

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When Yellowbooth get the call to attend a christmas party – we don’t hang about – especially when told to attend “one of the most outstanding schools in the country” Right Hon Michael Gove MP. 

The staff and pupils of Sexey’s School took to photo boothing like a duck to water! It was an epic night with in excess of 600 photos taken through the night. Everyone there will see their pics on our Facebook page Yellowboothphotos.

Greeted by the lovely party organiser Miss Rachel Davies, and shown to the old 19th century school hall – we gazed at the climbing frames and ropes in awe – remembering PE and previous unsuccessful attempts at shinning up the ropes.

There were a lot of balloons at the start of the night – and not surprisingly, not too many by the end of it! Everyone would jump as another balloon received some boot action and popped! Lucky for us, we don’t have a dicky heart as you just don’t get used to the gun-shot sound that a high quality balloon makes when it’s jumped on from a great height!

Sexey’s School, you were so brilliant!

If you need us to come back again, just give us a shout!