7th Year of fun with Photo Booths

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Last night Laurence & myself (aka Yellowbooth) were booked for the fabulous wedding of Justine & Kristian at the spectacular Headland Hotel in sunny Newquay!

We left rainy West Devon in a hurry, hoping to leave the rain clouds behind us as quickly as possible.

When we arrived at the Headland Hotel at around tea time we were chuffed to find that our cunning plan had worked. Hooray it was sunny in Newquay!


As we parked up I couldn’t help but notice the surfers were on the waves at Fistral Beach below the Headland Hotel – and they were really going for it! I bit my nails at the thought of those daring surfers being thrown off their boards by those huge waves. I have nothing but admiration for anyone who can surf! Perhaps one day I will sign up at Fistral Beach Surf School.

As we began unloading I spotted the bride, Justine, in her gorgeous gown. The dress flowed like a Newquay breeze. She looked amazing!

About the venue… The Headland Hotel is an intriguing wedding venue! It seems, every time we are there that it changes. Walls appear where they weren’t before…and walls disappear! This is a stunning hotel with a grand but homely atmosphere with the capability to magically transform your wedding reception room into whatever suits you from a vast ballroom for around 200 guests down to an intimate party room for under 100 guests.

pyrenean mountain dog

Not only this but the thing about this hotel – this home from home – is that it is a dog friendly hotel. After putting up the booth (the white wedding one on this occasion) we were kindly offered a meal at the bar by the groom Kristian. On the way to our meal with the best scenic view in Cornwall, we introduced ourselves to the most beautiful white dog we have ever seen!

We were short of time with our 7pm start but couldn’t resist putting our hasty clamber to our meal on hold for a while. He was called Frankie and was a puppy…er, puppy? HE WAS BIGGER THAN ME!! I could only imagine the size of the car he is driven about it – a double decker bus would just about do it!

After our posh and tasty fish & chip supper with the view of the surfers grabbing their last waves at dusk we headed back to the reception room to find the wedding party hadn’t arrived.

Half an hour later, we could hear wedding guests on the horizon heading our way. I gave the fancy dress props the once over and checked the guest book was in place. The booth looked perfect and had been tested earlier on. We were good to go!


The moment they clapped eyes on the booth, the guests were over trying on hats and all things glittery before ducking in to the photobooth.

Justine & Kristian arrived and made a beeline for the photo booth. Everyone stepped to one side to allow their bride & groom a slice of photo booth fun after their busy day!


And the booth didn’t stop all night (except for during the first dance and the fireworks) – Laurence and I were chuffed! We love it when the photo booth goes down so well at a party – and to be honest, I can’t think of a time when it hasn’t!


We dismantled the booth a half an hour after we were contracted to finish because of the half hour delay at the start. It takes on average about an half an hour to do so which we did and said our fond farewells to Justine & Kristian and their guests. We handed over the Guestbook bag packed with photo strips with messages written alongside as well as a USB stick containing all the high resolution photos and a mounted enlargement.

An hour later we were back in Lifton for a cup of tea and a snack then bed.

What a great night! Can’t wait to see how all the photos turned out! If you were at Justine & Kristian’s wedding at the Headland Hotel in Newquay and would like to revisit those photo booth memories, just click here for the photo gallery! 🙂

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