How interesting! Listen to this!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve been wondering how many proposals of marriage will happen on the most romantic day in the calendar.

After Googling the matter we’ve found that out of 10,000 people surveyed in the Chillisauce Marriage Proposal Survey, the most popular day in the year for proposals is in fact Christmas Eve, closely followed by New Year’s Eve!

Break it down even more, it turns out that women believe that Valentine’s Day is more romantic than men do and that 23% believe that this is the best time to propose. Only 12% of men surveyed believe that Valentine’s Day is the best time to propose and that Christmas Eve is the best time for them at 33%.

The survey reveals that men are less enticed by the idea of Valentine’s Day than the ladies are. I think we realized this before we read the findings of the survey.

But don’t worry guys, we haven’t given up on you all yet! We know that when it counts you are there for us and that’s the most romantic thing you can do!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! All you need is love (and hearts).


For even more information on this fascinating new survey about how we all view Valentine’s Day, check this  article out, the Chillisauce Marriage Proposal Survey. It’s a very good read!! 🙂