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pic/ Our Wedding Fair favourite, Dolly our vw camper style photo booth

We LOVE meeting our future brides and grooms at wedding fairs and are so excited that the wedding fair season is upon us!

pic/ Our Magic Mirror – also a much enjoyed favourite at our Wedding Fairs – along with our White Wedding Photo booth (hessian bunting optional)

Wedding Fairs come in all shapes and sizes (just like weddings)

to suit all requirements and are great if you are looking for that extra thing

that you need to make your special day perfect!

Meeting suppliers and fellow wedding professionals is ideal because they have all the know-how and the inside word about things like planning and co-ordinating your wedding.

Party planning on any level involves a lot of considerations and although

very demanding and stressful at times, can be so rewarding.

And please remember we are always so chuffed to be able to help.

Pic/ Hank, Honeybugs Cornwall’s number 1 wedding car supplier

For the day…

The wedding fair definitely has it covered, from gowns, tailoring and function room dressing to flowers, jewellery, wedding cars and photography!

pic/ Our photo booth Dolly looking good at a wedding within the stunning Carbis Bay Beach Club. 🙂

A number of our customers love our vw range of photo booths and book Dolly to continue with their vintage theme. Why not book a vw camper wedding car for the ceremony and delight guests with Dolly the vw photo booth in the evening?


Pic/ we also have Daisy the vw camper for weddings with a green theme!

At this beautiful wedding near Bideford,

the booth matched the bridesmaids dresses exactly.

For the evening…

After the success of the speeches and when the delicious desserts have been nibbled, you can’t beat some photo booth entertainment to keep the troops in good spirits!

We find that 7pm is the IDEAL TIME …

to have your photo booth or Magic Mirror start up, to get things going.

Funnily enough, the children will have immediately worked out there’s to be a photo booth this evening and will hover until we’re open!! They LOVE dressing up and will attempt to wear everything in the props box!! Mums with toddlers will fancy a lie down but will pop for a photo or two before setting off.

Pic/  Early on, and The Toddlers spot the photo booth! 🙂

Pic/ Then usually, at about 7.30pm – after noticing all the flashing from the booth,

along come the grown ups –

Then on we go through the evening with guests seated closest to the photo booth corner enjoying the slideshow.

Pic/The Viewing Screen on the outside of the photo booth has guests in stitches! Hillarious!

Every time a set of photos are printed,

they appear on the outside viewing screen.

Everybody LOVES this at a wedding!

It’s an ice breaker – and encourages guests to jump right in and get involved too!!! All ages including Nans and Grandads!

The more guests to use the photo booth the better …

For lots of reasons – but mainly because everyone has so much fun and get to add their photo strip to the couple’s lovely personalised guestbook along with a message.

We hear it all the time, at the end of the night, when presented with the guestbook, the couple are so excited to see what everyone’s been up to during the evening. They will keep the book for years to remind them of their amazing night – their wedding reception!

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