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How did Yellow Booth get started?

It all began in Cornwall at the Harbour Hotel in St Ives. Our very first wedding booking back in 2013 was the VW camper photo booth and it was a surprise for the bride! Talk about dropped in at the deep end!

We had to wait for the bride to leave, then transport the booth down 2 flights of stairs, assemble the photo booth within two pillars with space for a photo booth plus 1 grain of rice – all without letting on to the bride, Laura.

When we had finished building but not yet tested the booth we heard Laura’s scream “PHOTOBOOTH… PHOTO BOOOOOOOTH!!!” as she hurried over just as fast as a wedding dress allows!!! So in she went, with her new husband Adam only to find… it worked perfectly… PHEW!!

Those were the days of learning the ropes of the photo booth game – over 2 years ago now. Back then we had just the one booth – a yellow one, shortly followed by a black one, a white one and a vw camper photo booth.

Today we have a number of booths and a brilliant team of attendants! Laurence and I occasionally attend events together but often have a photo booth each and travel all along the M5/A30 corridor in the south west mainly.

If not myself or Laurence who gets to pop along to your wedding or event, you could well be visited by Meg, Andy, Michael or Chris – all of whom are really nice people and so much fun!

Interested in booking one of our services for your wedding or party?

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